Instead of spending time with technology, I’d rather . . .

be here (with you). I appear to be here. I’m not: I’m a hologram. I’m everywhere else by my magical screens. I could scream, I’m nowhere.

(c) Thrice

[This was composed for the Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship, which, sadly, appears to no longer be active. The directions were to complete the statement “Instead of spending time with technology, I’d rather . . . ” in 140 characters or less].

[Shout out to Thrice for their artwork (above) and lyrics: “You’re here / but you’re really / a hologram, here / but half a world away”]


Becoming PRO-fessional: engaging the Twitterverse


How I picture the Twitter

I tend to resist technological change. I still don’t know how to work a DVR, I use a computer made in 2004, and I’d rather carry five pounds of books than a six-ounce e-reader. Most of my tech knowledge comes from exposure through other people. I tend to be suspicious and dismissive of the new, the trending, the latest, and the popular.

But in becoming professional, that’s not gonna fly.


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