Album: The Man and the Terror (Matter)

Above is a statement by a talented, faithful band that’s in it for the art. Below is their complete first album.

In the words of their frontman, Eli Kellogg, “…for Matter [our music] comes out of a thankful heart to God and the meta-narrative of love, loss and restoration. We’re no ‘Christcore’ band or anything, and you’ll never get a preachy vibe from our songs. We just want to tell stories that reflect our thankfulness and passion for people who were once without hope and who have now found the way.”

matter band eli kellogg

They wrote, recorded, and funded The Man and the Terror entirely on their own. Now they need the support of people who love their music and the stories they tell to help make their second album, TeraphimSo listen, read, and I hope you love what you hear! Continue reading “Album: The Man and the Terror (Matter)”