Becoming PRO-fessional: engaging the Twitterverse


How I picture the Twitter

I tend to resist technological change. I still don’t know how to work a DVR, I use a computer made in 2004, and I’d rather carry five pounds of books than a six-ounce e-reader. Most of my tech knowledge comes from exposure through other people. I tend to be suspicious and dismissive of the new, the trending, the latest, and the popular.

But in becoming professional, that’s not gonna fly.

So I’m done fighting the current. The Internet is going to become my ally in achieving authorship instead of an invasive immensity always peering over my shoulder. If social media savvy and suavity is what it takes to get noticed in a noisy world, then that’s a slope I’m willing to scale — starting here:

And so it begins

Today’s agenda: 

  • Setting up, optimizing, linking, demystifying, and blogging about the Twitter account
    • Following and being followed by people thereon
  • Learning about WordPress themes
    • Switching themes so my bullets stop looking like X’s
  • Reading Michael Hyatt’s blog because he knows about influence and stuff
  • Reading about how to get freelance writing jobs when you have no portfolio
  • Job hunt!
  • Blog about something else?

To my utter surprise, breaking open the Twitterverse has actually been — well, fun! I followed some of my friends and favorite people (e.g. Dustin KensrueRandall MunroeJoshua Harris, and The Batman), snazzed up my profile, ceased to care about Twitter having access to all of my Facebook, and basically learned how to get by in a whole new world! Introduction today — domination tomorrow!

Other tasks:

  • Googling “how to center picture captions in WordPress”
  • Getting a headache when told to add .post p.wp-caption-text {text-align:center;padding:3px;background-color:#eee;border:solid 1px #999;font-size:11px;}
    .aligncenter {text-align:center;margin:0 auto;} to the end of the Stylesheet (I don’t know what that is!)
  • Getting further headaches from googling “what is a stylesheet.” Acronym soup out there.
  • Giving up and manually captioning the above twitpic.
  • Reading

Other share-worthy things from the last 24 hours:

And with that, NtP is out!

Far over

the Misty Mountains rise

leave us standing

upon the heights

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