Becoming PRO-fessional: baby steps


Today begins my two-month, full-time journey of developing myself as a professional writer. Think of it as a short-term, unpaid internship at Nathan the Paul, Incorporated. By the end of this time, I’ll have learned/done a lot more about:

  •  Using the wonderland of the Internet to write and publish
    • Using WordPress in particular (duh)
    • Figuring out what the heck are HTML, PHP, SQL, CMS, and how to ruthlessly exploit them to my advantage
  • Refining my craft as a writer and curator of fine weblog pieces for your erudition and entertainment
  • Re-tackling the arcane beast known as “Writing Fiction”
    • Learning how and where to submit my work
  • Making some $$$ with all this!

On the agenda for this 6th Day of the Month of January, we have:

first step
“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world”

Thanks, Alec Guinness!

Takeaways from Day 1:

  • Write about what you like
  • Write frequently (hence this log)
  • Keep writing!
  • Web design is a deep dark pool whereof I have fathomed naught.

BONUS ROUND: other tasks not on the agenda

  • Finding a picture of Alec Guinness
  • Grumbling at incorrectly-captioned screenshots of Alec Guinness
  • Discovering what comes up when you image-search “arcane beast,” from mildly weird to the stuff of nightmares
  • Wondering where I read that C.S. Lewis quote criticizing the deeply-embedded cultural notion that our thoughts and feelings are all meaningful simply because we have them
  • Registering to re-take Ballroom and Social Dance (watch out, ladies).
  • Re-reading this entire post before clicking “Publish”
  • Re-reading it again
  • Trying to figure out why the heck all my bullets show up as X’s (help!)

NtP out.


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